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8 ft High...No Grid...No Kidding!

GravityStone is the next generation of landscape segmental retaining wall systems. It combines the simplicity of easy-to-handle dry stack units with the superior earth retention capabilities of crib wall structures. As a result, GravityStone walls can be built as high as 8’ without the use of geogrid saving labor and space.

  • Face - Trunk - Anchor components form a “single-cell” assembly 32" deep
  • Best choice for “cut” walls and sites with little or no room for grid
  • Split Face Texture or Drum-Roll Tumbled Split Face Finish
  • Build straight or curved, as well as free-standing, double-sided walls
  • Planter height to tall commercial walls
Dimensions & Coverage
split face stretcher8"h x 18"w x 6"d59 lb1 pcs/sf
tumbled stretcher8"h x 18"w x 6"d56 lb1 pcs/sf
trunk8"h x 24"l x 4"w55 lb-
anchor/junction8"h x 24"l x 4"w30 lb-

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